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Recently, we posted a story about how education has started to completely change the outlook of the next generation in the Galapagos Islands on animal welfare issues. We, at Darwin Animal Doctors, are moved, as we see examples of this change take place within the community. One of these examples particularly amazed our veterinarians, and so we decided to share it with you.

On a calmer Tuesday afternoon in the Darwin Animal Doctors clinic, the waiting area was suddenly swamped by 12 school children. When the veterinarians enquired as to what the issue was, the school kids presented the vets with a very unhealthy looking cat. They had found the cat on school grounds, unable to walk and looking very unwell. The children got together and made a big decision – one that previously would not have been the response of locals just a few years ago; they decided that they couldn’t let this poor animal suffer and instead, collected up the cat and brought it in to the Darwin Animal Doctors clinic. The poor cat was suffering, presenting with terrible muscle atrophy, responded painfully to being touched and was unable to walk. On further examination, the veterinarians discovered that the cat had chronic hip and pelvic damage. Unfortunately, the poor cat was suffering too badly, and despite the best efforts of the veterinarians, he had to be euthanised the next day. If it wasn’t for these kids, however, the poor cat would have lay there suffering for an unknown amount of time.

09_27_School kids with streetcat (3)

What impressed the vets the most, was that despite this not-so-encouraging ending, these same kids have continued their commitment in their community to animal welfare. They catch street cats to be brought in for sterilization, sick animals for treatment and convince other local owners to sterilize their animals.

This just another example of the change in outlook of the community after the education programs implemented by the Darwin Animal Doctors. As the next generation starts to change their values and see the world a little differently, the future starts to change with them.

09_27_School kids with streetcat (1)

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