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Christopher Jr Swallowed a Bone

Christopher, Jr. was two months old when he was rushed into the clinic. He was having a lot of trouble breathing and was turning blue. His owners suspected that Christopher Jr. had swallowed a bone that was now stuck.

Quickly, the team tried to explore Christopher Jr.’s mouth cavity but we couldn’t locate anything. We intubated Christopher Jr. so he could breath. After further investigation, the team concluded that a large piece of cartilage, bone, or even possibly a seed, had already passed through Christopher Jr.’s throat, and was most likely in his intestines.

We kept Christopher Jr. Overnight in hope that the obstructing piece would pass with the help of medication or that he would throw it up. During the night check, we found the piece that had been bothering little Christopher; It was a piece of bone 1×4 cm, for a puppy of only 1.5 kg!

The piece that Christopher Jr. threw up

Christopher Jr. stayed with us an additional night to make sure he was indeed out of trouble. Soon enough, he turned into a lively, barking, fluffy ball of happiness.

Please be careful what you feed your dogs; please don’t give them large pieces of food and certainly not big bones!

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