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Chaparito’s Second Chance

As of two days ago, Chaparito was just another street dog. His guardians found him when he needed them most, and saw Chaparito’s fun spirt beneath his matted fur. They noticed he was lethargic and brought him straight to our clinic.

After running  some tests, we found Chaparito had a fast heartbeat and pale gums. Our suspicions were confirmed after running some blood work: Chaparito had severe anemia. We attempted to treat him with a conventional method, but Chaparito got worse within minutes.

We contacted our friend Fatima, an incredibly generous person who cares for 14 dogs. Fatima brought in Eva, a healthy big dog, right away for a blood transfusion. Eva came over to the operation table to meet Chaparito.

Eva meeting Chaparito before transfusion. Eva’s excited to help out!

We saw the improvement in Chaparito after a couple of hours after the transfusion. We were able to give Chaparito’s a chance to start healing, but his body needs to do the rest of the work. With his new guardians, we are confident this will be possible!

Big thanks to Chaparito’s guardians, Fatima, Eva, and the whole team at the clinic!!

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