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Brazil – Protectors Without Borders

The first in our series, looking at our projects around the world…

We’re starting in Brazil – Protectors Without Borders. https://www.facebook.com/protetoresemfronteiras/

The creator of Protectors Without Borders, Paula has been an Animal Protector for 24 years, starting out on her own, looking after the stray dogs in her community: feeding, vaccinating, castrating. As an individual, using her own funds, there was a limit to what she could do alone, but she wasn’t stopping…

Over time more protectors got involved, each contributing what they could to the collective group; resources, experience, medication. The group is able to discuss animal adoptions, requests for help, and are able to ensure help arrives quickly and in a targeted manner. Each protector works with their own animals but has the support of the group.

Protectors Without Borders now has links with their State Representative so abuse and mistreatment can be reported and investigated.

Within this amazing group of animal protectors, each individual will often care for 30-50 animals, helping one another out where necessary and holding raffles and adoption fairs for the many animals they rescue and treat each month. This can be up to 150 animals a month needing temporary or permanent homing.

It is an amazing thing they’re doing, all for the love of animals!

Whether it’s strays collected from the streets like this poor Dachshund type:

Or puppies abandoned on their doorsteps:

There will always be dogs, and cats needing their help!

Of course, our COVID-19 Campaign continues, helping ensure superheroes like these are able to continue despite the current difficulties!


-Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


Piggy update for the week:

Piggy has started his chemo this week. He’s taking a lot of medication that makes him sleepy but he has a lot of friends with him to help with the recovery process, and he even has this little squirrel visiting! As always, his spirits are up and he’s enjoying life! Thanks to everyone for your support!

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