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Blacky’s Story

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Although the clinic provides free leashes and collars for dogs, many people still do not use them or allow their dogs to roam free.  As a result, dog-car collisions still occur in Galapagos too frequently.  The clinic has recently treated several dog-car collision cases.  Blacky’s story is one of pain, love, and hope.

While Drs. Jochem and Daphne and clinic coordinator Sacha were away from the clinic, they learned of Blacky, a dog hit by a car and treated with a split made of cardboard.  They learned that Blacky was not bleeding but was not moving much either.

At the same time as learning of Blacky’s injury, Blacky was arriving at the clinic.  Luckily, the clinic volunteer team was present and began to immediately treat Blacky.  Dr. Heidi took the lead.  She gave Blacky fluids and pain medication.  Blacky was breathing heavily and the team feared that she had either a collapsed lung or fluid in her lungs.  Blacky remained at the clinic overnight to monitor her breathing.


In the morning, Blacky’s breathing had not improved.  The arranged for Blacky to be seen at the one X-ray center in Puerto Aroya. The X-ray showed that Blacky had a collapsed lung.  Using butterfly needle and syringe, Drs. Jochem and Daphne sucked the air out of the rib cage so that that the lung could expand into its normal shape.  This helped immediately and Blacky’s breathing improved.


Treating Blacky’s leg was easier.  The leg was broken but there was no open wound.  Her leg was in better shape than other dogs who were hit by cars.  The team put a cast on her leg and it is healing well.


Blacky’s guardians were excited to see that she was doing well.  During Blacky’s stay at the clinic, they came every few hours during our open clinic hours to check on her.  They even brought a few friends see Blacky.


Blacky was one of the lucky ones.  She lives with loving human companions who did everything they could to make sure she received the best treatment.  The team wishes Blacky many years enjoying long walks (on a leash).

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