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Baby Jaguar Just Needs A Collar!

Thank you to The Dodo for making this wonderful article about an Ecuadorian jaguar for whom we are working to get a satellite tracking collar!


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Poor girl was shot multiple times by a shotgun and was paralyzed, but thanks to amazing Ecuadorian vets, she is going to make a full recovery and can now walk! We are now working to get a comfortable, long-lasting satellite tracking collar for her, for when the vets release her into a wildlife preserve for jaguar conservation.

Donate to help us get the satellite collarĀ here!


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    These efforts protect the unique native and endemic wildlife of the islands by reducing interactions between domestic and wild animals, which can cause the spread of invasive diseases.

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    You are great fellows. And then add it. I have always admired veterinarians. This is one of the most noble professions in the world. I even had a friend go to your industry. Incredible.

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