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Another Success for DAD!

unnamed (1)Our Lush-funded, HEART-driven formal education program takes flight in the Galapagos! The Isabela Oceanographic Institute has begun teaching DAD’s education program to their Galapagos students, and we couldn’t be more proud of the results!

From Amanda Lyons, Isabela Oceanographic Institute:

“Today Sara Luz and I did the education program with the 4th and 5th grade students. It went great and the students loved it! It was one of the first times that I’ve seen every student attentive! We even brought in Sara’s dog, Frieda, as well as props (bed, dog dish, leash, harness, collar, shampoo, dog treats, frontline, vitamins, parasite treatment, brush, etc) to use and show the students. We did a whole presentation about how to use each and why its important. We even had Danny, head director here in isabela from the ABG, there to help us with some important details on being a responsible owner and help answer some questions. We handed out the program tshirts, which all the students LOVED!”

Stay tuned as we’ll post photos of the program as they come from Galapagos!

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