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Africa returns…

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Africa has had quite a rough last few months. After having a C-section at the Darwin Animal Doctors clinic due to a distressing pregnancy, she has recently returned again. While she healed very well from her c-section, she had developed a skin condition that was progressively worsening. If you remember, Africa had come into the Darwin clinic many times before to have this same condition treated. Likely the stress and struggle of the pregnancy weakened Africa’s immune system enough, that the condition returned.

“The skin was inflamed, swollen, red and so damaged, that the flesh could be seen. Even her eyes already had a discharge. It must have been a very painful condition” reported our veterinary team.


Africa; on her first visit

The Doctors did a skin test on Africa, just to be sure they knew what they were dealing with. Under the microscope, they found Demodex – a skin parasite. She likely had a secondary skin infection as well, which would have jined one the Demodex took hold.

“We started treating Africa with antibiotics and also gave her Bravecto – the strongest and best working anti-ectoparasitic medication we have here in the clinic. We told the owner to come back after two weeks to check how the condition was improving.”

After two weeks, the family returned. And the progress was better than expected.


Africa; on her second visit

“The infection seemed to have all but disappeared, and there was a significant progress in the healing of Africa’s skin. The skin was calmer, no more opened flesh, no eye discharge.  And most importantly – no scratching – which meant it was no longer painful and itchy. There were still crusts on her face, so it still needed quite some time to heal completely.”

Another recheck was scheduled for another few weeks later. Upon her return, Africa looked like a new dog. Her skin had cleared up, and her hair had almost completely regrown. Only at close inspection could one of the old lesions still just be seen. Her recovery was amazing.

Africa; on her third visit.What a difference!

During her treatment process, Alita, one of Africa’s puppies came into the clinic with hair loss and dermatitis issues on her head and around her eyes. The team quickly suspected Demodex as it can easily transfer between a mother and her puppies. Just to be sure, the Doctors tested Alita’s skin as well, and it revealed exactly what the team expected. Alita was also treated alongside her mother, and made an equally drastic recovery.


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