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Africa Animal Welfare Conference

We have some exciting news this week. The wonderful Sarah, our Community Developer here at DAD, has been accepted to talk at Africa Animal Welfare Conference (AAWC) 2020. https://www.aawconference.org

This is the 4th annual African Animal Welfare Conference, this year, a virtual conference, running from September 7 -10th and is a collaboration between a number of different organisations, with our position as a member of the UN Stakeholder Group for Education and Academia allowing us to participate, and raise awareness for our ongoing projects in Morocco and Tanzania.




The conference provides a platform for different organisations, like us, who are animal welfare stakeholders in Africa to discuss developments in, and hopefully encourage further development and planning to realise animal welfare.

Of course, one of the issues being discussed will be the implications of COVID-19 and any future zoonotic diseases and their effects on human health, animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation.

But that is just a small part of the program. They’ll be looking at the progress in animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation, human and animal health and sustainable development in Africa: Discussing the role of governments, individuals, organizations, and communities in achieving responsible use of animals, improving animal welfare, and supporting environmental conservation in Africa: Assessing the role of natural solutions in tackling the challenges of development in Africa; and much much more.

Don’t worry if you’re interested but don’t have the time to watch. We’ll be updating on the conference again in the coming weeks, particularly on Sarah’s involvement. We’re very proud to see her there!!


Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors

In loving memory of our hero, Piggy:

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