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Yara’s walk was not like any other…

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Rene’s dogs live a very happy life – spoilt at home, treated with more love and affection than any dog could ask for, and taken out every morning for a nice walk and a play in the park. But one morning, on this peaceful ritual did not go quite like any other day. On the walk, Yara was attacked in the middle of the street.

Yara, a loveable, gentle giant was traumatized from the attack and was left with a large wound on her left flank. Rene rushed Yara to the veterinary team, himself distressed from seeing poor Yara in such pain. After checking Yara for any other wounds, the Doctors put Yara under anaesthesia to clean and correct the damage done from the attack.

Yara, in surgery

After the surgery, Yara woke up well and her wound looked much better – both to Yara and Rene’s relief. Yara was in for some days of relaxation as she progressed through her healing process. But this cheeky pup had another plan… After just one day, Yara decided to remove her stitches. “Really, she only needed 10 minutes of not being watched and she could get those stitches out!” reported the team. Luckily for her, Yara lives right next door to the veterinary clinic and was able to be brought back in to see the Doctors!

Yara looks to Rene for comfort as he sits with her after her surgery.

Yara made a full recovery and is now back on her morning walks. However, she will never quite feel as relaxed on these walks since being attacked, unprovoked, in the surroundings of her own home.

We would like to remind all readers to please take care with your dog(s). As dogs can be instinctively territorial, it is important to help your dog define their territory by keeping your dog inside your own property and on a leash when outside to prevent such incidents from occurring. 


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