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Dog Attack

Nina was rushed into the clinic after being attacked by some furious and vicious dogs. She was in shock. She had multiple wounds and was continuously dripping blood.

Our first necessary step was to alleviate Nina’s pain. We gave her some pain meds and let her calm down. Once Nina relaxed a little, we start examining her. During exploration, we noticed that she had multiple deep wounds and that the skin was teared loose from the deeper layers.

We had to do multiple layers of stitches in some wounds but also leave some wounds partially open to provide natural drainage.

It’s amazing to see how quickly a dog can recover. After the operation, Nina was wagging her tail and her sweet personality came out.

Attacks like this are happen regularly, especially here on the island. It is very important that we exercise responsible ownership, such as control of pet, walking on a leash, etc. and we continue to educate others about the same.

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