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Supporter Spotlight: Kim Diaz

This month, the Darwin Animal Doctors would like to shine the spotlight on another of our heroes of Humane Education; Kim Diaz. Kim has dedicated endless hours to the furthering of Humane Education within the US and abroad; from writing and developing curriculums to training teachers in how to implement them.

Kim first got involved with Darwin Animal Doctors in 2013 when she decided to create and pilot the first Humane Education program based on the “A Piggy’s Tale” comic books. Kim had been using the books in her own classrooms to teach humane education, but was wanting to help Piggy reach more children, in more schools.

Kim’s program was a great success, and began to spread; initially throughout the Northeast, and then further through the US. With the program already reaching many children, Kim began creating more and more curriculum activities, ensuring that the program was diverse enough to be used to teach students of all ages. Kim soon found herself travelling around the Northeast with Piggy, introducing the program to schools and training teachers in its implementation.

Kim has further dedicated her time and effort to support Darwin Animal Doctors’ overseas efforts, assisting with writing Piggy’s environmental care programs and working with our teams worldwide to assist in various other Humane Education programs that Darwin Animal Doctors is currently rolling out.

As if all of Kim’s work to further Humane Education in the US and abroad wasn’t enough, in her spare time, Kim continues to be an active member of the animal and environmental rights and protection world. Kim can be found on a variety of different missions; to protect everything from threatened hatching sea turtle colonies to misunderstood schools of sharks.

A huge thank you goes out to Kim, for your endless selfless dedication to the protection of our environment, and to ensuring the next generation follows in the same footsteps.



  1. Anthony Albro

    Kim Diaz is truly a selfless woman. Her untiring efforts to support her humane causes are exemplary. She talks the talk and walks the walk.

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