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Piggy’s News

During this week, we’ve had some very sad news. Our very own Piggy had a visit to the oncologist’s late last week, and the results were heart-breaking. His mast cell tumor is back and requires more surgery, and his small cell lymphoma has graduated to intermediary size.

He is having a surgical consultation to remove his second mast cell tumor, and beginning chemotherapy right after that for his intermediate cell lymphoma. It will also require radiation therapy.

Despite the bad news, Piggy is, as always, upbeat and in good spirits, and he enjoyed the car trip home from his all-day oncology exam, and the sunset that evening, as he always does.

Tod and friends are determined to keep fighting for him and keep him happy for as long as possible, the way he inspires children everywhere to keep fighting through their hard times. He’s determined to enjoy every second of the world, and we are all determined to ensure that he can.

While the news is absolutely devastating, our goal, Piggy’s goal, remains the same: to continue to help communities and animals around the world, through education and our many projects.

Right now our main campaign is still the COVID-19 campaign, and our #GivingTuesdayNow campaign continues. We still have some time left to reach our goal, that will be matched by GoFundMe if we achieve it, and your support is and will be, greatly appreciated.


Please join everyone at Darwin Animal Doctors in wishing Tod and Piggy all our love and support at this time! Thank you so much! And stay safe wherever you are.

-Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

An Extra Cute Piggy image of the week:

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