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Piggy’s first campaign of 2020!

January sees our first campaign of 2020! We start the year in Sumatra, at a critical time, during their biggest wildfires.

Our community developer, Sarah Wang, went to Sumatra to work with schools, NGO’s, Rangers, and communities from all over Indonesia. See the video of her campaign here.

Sarah Wang at the airport on her way to Indonesia

She taught her sustainability program: Youth Rangers, to hundreds of teachers and students in and around the Leuser Ecosystem rainforest.

You can see a second, a more personal video she made about her adventures with friends and fellow conservationists on this campaign, here.

Sarah, with teacher and student, in a classroom, teaching her Guarians of the Forest program

Participating groups learned everything from First Aid, to wildlife conflict resolution, to jungle trek communication and safety, and humane education teaching techniques.

Local NGO's and community leaders learning first aid in the Leuser Ecosystem rainforest

From cities to rainforest communities, it was amazing to see everyone’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for their children!

As always, we want to express a huge thank you, for making all of this possible, and for helping all our local partners, the rainforest, the local wildlife, and the forest communities! 

-Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

Cute Piggy image of the week:

Piggy snoozing in a ray of sunshine

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