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Piggy’s Birthday Success!

We have some brilliant news following on from Piggy’s birthday in November. Despite the difficult time, we made sure to celebrate Piggy’s birthday the way it should be: helping animals and people around the world!

Piggy’s birthday fundraiser set out to help Ismael’s Animal Shelter (https://www.facebook.com/AnimalRescueTz) in Tanzania, the first animal shelter in Tanzania, which we have been helping build up.

The shelter gives essential care and shelter to homeless pups, taken off the streets, and brings humane education to local children, protecting the animals, safeguarding public health, and instilling a sense of empathy and compassion in the children!

Four new puppies have arrived at the shelter. They were sick and skinny and full of parasites and now recovering in a brand new kennel that you helped to fund.

They are receiving necessary vet care, thanks to your generosity and are under a shelter roof that you funded! This is the dramatic transformation that you made possible!

So a huge thank you to everyone who made Piggy’s birthday fundraiser a huge success! From all of us at DAD, and all in Tanzania, including the stray pups that now have a chance of proper care and even adoption. Thank you, you superheroes!!!


-Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors

In loving memory of our hero, Piggy:

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