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Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Peiton and her older brother, Eileen, were brought into the clinic on a Friday as she had begun vomiting, had diarrhea and wasn’t eating. Due to the concern of Parvo Virus, it was not possible to keep the dogs in the clinic, and they would need to return twice a day to receive the life saving medication and treatments that they needed.

By Sunday, Eileen was doing much better and only needed to be monitored from home. Peiton, however, was still not better and she would continue to need twice daily treatments. The dedicated family drove in all the way from the highlands, twice a day to ensure that Peiton would get her life-saving treatments.


After one week of treatment, Peiton was starting to look better. She was no longer vomiting and had become more active. However, as treatment continued, Peiton’s rate of improvement did not continue as expected. As she still had not begun to eat, Dr. Daphne expected an issue with her digestion tract. As Peiton was now stronger thanks to the treatment, it was possible to conduct an exploratory surgery to see if it could be determined what was going on.  The exploratory surgery revealed some interesting information to the Doctors, although not exactly what was expected.

After she had recovered from the surgery, Peiton strangely begun to eat again. It was great to see the little puppy eating, but the team knew they would have to keep a close eye on her to check for relapses. Peiton went home that evening, with strict instructions to return if she started to vomit again, or display any other abnormal signs.

A few days later, Peiton returned… Check back in with us soon to hear what happens next!

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