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Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Oreo was brought into the Galapagos clinic one Monday morning while the team already had three sterilization surgeries lined up, with three new volunteers having just arrived. Thankfully, two volunteers, Alex and Natalia, who had just finished their last day in the clinic the week before were just heading out, and decided to jump in and lend a hand one last time.

Oreo had been brought in by a middle age couple as he had apparently been bitten by another dog that morning. Oreo had bite marks on his neck and front leg, congruent with the story, but also had a fractured hind leg which had no bite marks, blood or wounds of any kind.

An odd situation, the team brought the dog in to be treated. He had never been to the clinic, and had not yet been castrated. As Dr. Daphne checked the dog over, the team talked with the owners about the importance of sterilizing their dog. Mayra, a long-time trusted face of the Darwin Animal Doctors clinic, discussed with the couple that it is standard for the Doctors to sterilize a dog or cat that goes under anesthesia, and explained the reasons why. The couple understood, and agreed to have Oreo castrated while he was anaesthetized for treatment.

Dr. Daphne and the team worked away on Oreo while he was anaesthetized; his wounds were cleaned, he was castrated and his leg was cast. Lena monitored Oreo and his anesthetics throughout the surgery, and Sacha assisted in stabilizing the leg to be cast.


Oreo woke up from the surgery well, although he still has some healing to do with his broken leg. His family will need to take great care of him as Oreo will need to return to the clinic twice a week to be checked and rebandaged. The Doctors will continue to monitor and treat Oreo as he goes through his road to recovery.

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