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Meet Dr. Alejo, our new Galapagos veterinarian!

As Dr. Daphne and Sacha leave the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic, we are very excited to welcome our new Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Alejo.

Darwin Animal Doctors first got to know Dr. Alejo during their relief mission to Canoa, a small town on the coastline of mainland Ecuador, after the April 2016 earthquake. Dr. Alejo had also rushed to the aid of his country, and set up a temporary animal hospital in the small town. Impressed with his commitment to helping animals, his devotion to his country, and his kind, humble nature, the Darwin Animal Doctors team stayed in contact with Dr. Alejo. When the position for Chief Veterinarian in Galapagos opened up, he was the first person we contacted.

We recently took the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Alejo after his first week in the clinic.

DAD; Dr. Alejo, can you tell us a little about your background?

Dr. Alejo; I’ve been working a year [in a clinic] with my older brother and my dad (also vets). I have also been working as a teacher in surgery courses awarded by USFQ and the American College Of Surgeons. Surgery and teaching are my passions.

DAD; What inspired you to join Darwin Animal Doctors?

Dr. Alejo; I’ve always wanted to work for my community and do some volunteering. I’ve know this since I was born, but it was confirmed when the 7.8 earthquake hit our coastline last year and duty called.

DAD; What are you most looking forward to over the next six months?

Dr. Alejo; I would love to help control the problem of overpopulation of dogs and cats with sterilization rather than eradication; Authorities have been known to poison dogs and cats and then they come dying to DAD and we have to respond quickly to the emergency. I want to do more for my community than providing free veterinary services – I want to be involved in education too.

Welcome, Dr. Alejo, to the Darwin Animal Doctors’ team. We are so lucky to have you joining us in Galapagos and can’t wait to hear about all the amazing work you do there!

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