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Meet a patient of ours; mum to be ‘Cuca’.

She came in in the morning, with her owners worried. She was pregnant and in labour already since eleven the previous night, without any result. When we examined Cuca, we found out that she was really tired and there was one puppy in the birth channel that was still alive! We waited half an hour, with Cuca in a calm and relaxed place, to see if there was any progress. For the owners it was exciting but nerve wracking as well, since this was their and the dog’s first litter!
After we found out there was no progress at all and since there seemed to be too little space for the puppy to get out we decided to do a caesarean.
We needed more hands to help dry the puppies after they came out of the uterus. Luckely the IOI (Isabela Oceanographic instute) team and the owner were standing ready!

3 healthy (big!) puppies and a happy mum were the result, as well as a happy team! The mum and the puppies are doing great.

Once again a really rewarding experience :-)

(Taken from Tjarda Reints Bok and Jochem Lastdrager’s blog, Travelling Animal Doctors)

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