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Luna’s unfortunate fishing adventure

On a Saturday morning, the Darwin Animal Doctors were called into the clinic for an emergency. Rushing to work, the Doctors were greeted by Luna, a beautiful Pitbull mix who had found herself with a fish hook stuck through her upper lip. A painful and nasty experience for any dog, the Doctors were glad the owner came so quickly to have the situation taken care of. As you can probably imagine, a fish hook cannot just be pulled back through, due to the nasty barb which sticks out the side of the hook at the end.

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The Doctors had to sedate Luna, and figure out how to remove the hook without giving the pup an unwanted lip piercing! Dr Carmen was able to make a small incision over the hook so as to slowly and carefully remove it without further damaging the poor pup. The procedure was a success, and Luna was given a reversal of the anesthesia and went home happily, once again able to eat and enjoy her day.

…And the Doctors were able to return to their weekend!

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