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Luna’s return hematoma

Remember Luna, who had an aural hematoma back in December of last year?


Well, unfortunately, the owners didn’t notice that Luna had another ear infection… After a few days of shaking her head again, Luna had another aural hematoma. One issue with aural hematomas is that they do tend to be repeat problems…

This time the Doctors decided to try another method in order to treat the hematoma and removed the excess blood with a syringe. After successfully draining the hematoma, Dr Carmen put some medication on the skin of her ear, and then applied a bandage around Luna’s head to add some pressure.

Luna was not alone as both Dr Carmen and Dr Majella had bandages as well! Poor Dr Carmen had to catch a cat who got a little scared and decided to start climbing its way around the clinic… Many of you may not know, but Dr Carmen is not only a wonderful veterinarian, but she is also a super cat catcher – known to scale walls, leap from amazing heights and catch cats with one hand! Unfortunately, in this incident, the cat was a bit of a wild one and by the time everyone had realized that Carmen had already caught the cat and open a holding cage, the cat gave Carmen a bit of a bite…

With Dr Majella also with an injury from a stray sharp object, the team got together for a little bandage photo-shoot!

Lucky Luna went home with the bandage on her head and a good reminder to her owners to keep an eye on her ears!

Bandage team! Majella hurted herself with a needle   P1070320

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