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Little Cara Sucia

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Poor Cara Sucia, the sweetest little kitten with a dot on her nose, was rushed into the clinic as an emergency. Apparently, Cara was locked in a room where there was just a toxic gassing for bugs… The family had been searching for Cara and once they found her, she was already very ill.

Cara was very lethargic and completely not herself. She wouldn’t eat, drink or play. For a lively, energetic kitten, this was very abnormal. And very bad news.

Cara’s guardian rushed her straight to the clinic, worriedly driving as Cara lay motionless on the seat beside him. As soon as they arrived at the clinic, the Doctors were there to start Cara on supportive care. She was brought into the clinic for her treatment and would have to remain there for a few days to make sure that she improved as hoped.

Alongside the medical care, the team ensured that Cara received a healthy dose of TLC. “We think the most important part of this treatment was the TLC. Every volunteer cuddled [Cara], so she was spoiled all day. She even came home with us to spent the night”, reported Dr. Stella.


Everyone gave little Cara extra love and attention… even Negro!

When Cara was doing well enough to go home, the Doctors called her guardian to give him the good news.

“[The guardian] came right away to pick her up. A big truck stopped once again in front of the clinic door, but now Cara jumped right away on the dashboard to go back home. Quite the difference! When she came in she was just laying lethargic on one of the seats.”

Cara was lucky to survive such a dose of poisoning, but thanks to the Darwin Animal Doctors’ team, she will now be able to live out her life as the happy, energetic and playful kitten that she is.


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