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Linda, the dog who was brought back from the dead.

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Recently, a dog was brought into the Darwin Animal Doctors’ Galapagos clinic as she had started seizing at home for unknown reasons. Linda’s family rushed her into the clinic, distraught about the poor pup’s health. By the time they arrived at the clinic, Linda had been seizing for half an hour. Her temperature was extremely high and almost straight after her arrival, she stopped breathing, and her heart stopped beating.

Linda was medically dead.

Volunteer Natalie quickly began giving Linda chest compressions to try to get her heart started again, while the rest of the volunteer team placed an airway tube and worked on getting Linda breathing. A tense and life-changing moment, the team worked together quickly and flawlessly and was miraculously able to bring Linda back to life.

While this lucky dog had just been given a second chance at life, Linda was still not completely out of the woods. She had sustained some neurological damage which would take some time to improve. Luckily for Linda, she had a dedicated and loving family and medical team ready to do anything they could to help her make a full recovery.

Linda stayed in the clinic for the coming days in order to receive careful and constant attention from the veterinary team. Volunteer Natalie had taken a special liking to Linda, and spent hours of her day hand feeding the pup, and giving her physiotherapeutic and massage treatments to help her muscles recover from the seizure – they were still very tense and weak, due to the extended time in seizure. The Doctors had taken such a liking to Linda, that she was brought into the volunteer dorms and given a beg of her own, to make sure she was as comfortable as possible during her recovery.


Not only did Linda receive special attention from the veterinary team, but her family came into the clinic regularly to visit her and to bring her special and favourite foods to help her get through her treatment.  Every time her family arrived at the clinic, Linda’s tail would begin to wag, and her spirits would lift. Linda’s family had already given her a second chance at life, as they had taken her in after she had been badly treated by a previous owner.

Linda’s family were soon able to take her home, and were shown massages to give Linda to help her recovery continue. The Doctors will continue to check back in with Linda as she continues to improve.


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  1. Tatiana

    Muchas gracias por todo, linda se encuentra mucho mejor, recuperó un poco la vista y está muy feliz. Una inmensa gratitud con todos ustedes.

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