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Las Cabachuelas

Morovis Wildlife Reserve, Las Cabachuelas:

The wildlife reserve at Morovis, Las Cabachuelas, is a huge reserve in the center of Puerto Rico, with a network of large caves, forests, rock walls, and countless wildlife. Rayo de Luna and DAD are partnering with Proyecto Cabachuelas to rebuild the reserve and the sustainability it offers to Puerto Rican communities.


To see more photos of Las Cabachuelas, click here: http://lascabachuelas.org/gallery.html

After Hurricane Maria, much of the reserve was damaged, from downed trees to broken fence borders, to any scientific structures in it. The entrances to the reserve became disused as well.

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Today, on the one year anniversary of the hurricane devastating Puerto Rico, we’re pleased to announce the launching of Piggy’s latest program: to rebuild communities in Puerto Rico, with a huge focus on long term sustainable education for the children growing up there. In partnership with the wonderful local Puerto Rican community leaders @joaquino_alonso and @glenisse, our first project will be to help the locals rebuild their wildlife reserve and education infrastructures at Morovis. The children in Piggy’s program will learn to teach conservation and train with local rangers, as we convert these disused playgrounds at the entrances of the wildlife reserve into children’s learning centers together. A huge thank you to @lushcharitypot and A Seed of Change for making it possible to begin working with communities in Puerto Rico! #reyodeluna #conservation #wildlife #humaneeducation #school #children

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In addition to rebuilding the reserve, replanting trees and making tree nurseries, we needed to make the butterfly nursery and laboratory. As one of our goals is to work with communities, we wanted students to get the knowledge and experience, so they would build it.

The rest of the reforestation would happen in the education portion of the project. To learn more, click here

To read about the overview of our projects in Puerto Rico, click here


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