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Help Save People and Animals in Ecuador’s Earthquake Zone!!

The beautiful coastal town of Canoa in Ecuador, where we had a high volume veterinary and educational campaign last year (pictured here from our campaign, before the quake), was completely destroyed by the earthquake (completely, as in zero buildings left standing). That is just one of the places in Ecuador that is devastated right now from the quake. Please consider donating to our immediate relief effort there. Our board member vet, Dr. Jochem Lastdrager, is flying to the mainland today, and we will be sending all sorts of supplies (food, medical supplies, volunteers) to set up camps and help save both humans and animals on the mainland.

We will be coordinating through past DAD campaign veterinarian Dr. Diego Barrera, who is the founder and in charge of Ecuador’s network of municipal no-kill shelters.

Thank you for helping us save lives in immediate danger. Save a life now.



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