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Expansions in Sumatra

Back in early May, we were honoured to help our partners at ISCP in donating a primate habitation enclosure to the North Sumatra BKSDA Animal Rescue Centre TWA Sibolangit to be used for the rehabilitation of confiscated primates before they are released back to their natural habitat. This will enable ISCP to further support the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Sumatra.

Having had the request for construction approved by the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW), work began on construction, despite the pandemic, with workers following social distancing guidelines and wearing masks.

Building works have progressed rapidly over the last 2 months with good weather allowing the structure to be built quickly and environment enrichments being added just last week.

This very week there will be a symbolic handover of the completed enclosure, where the head of the North Sumatra BKSDA and the Vice Minister of Forestry and Environment of the Republic of Indonesia will be in attendance, and shortly after that, we hope to have gibbons transferring into the enclosure. So keep watching for exciting new rescues and adorable gibbons!!

A fantastic job by our friends and partners in North Sumatra. We can’t wait to see what this brings.



-Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors

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