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Dental care is important!

We often forget that dental care is a very important part of pet care and of your pet’s life. Hopefully Falcom’s story might help remind you…

Falcom, a two year old dog, came into the clinic to have his teeth checked. His owner was worried as Falcom had a “bad smile”. As the Doctors checked, they saw that Falcom had a grey, smelly layer covering almost all of his teeth. Unfortunately for Falcom, this layer is not just an aesthetic issue, but is caused by bacteriosis and can lead to very serious conditions; including abscesses, infections, fractures of the jaw and more. It also leads to quite significant pain, especially during eating, something Falcom would have been experiencing every day.

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The Doctors set to, cleaning Falcom’s teeth and extracting those that were so infected that they could not be saved. While unfortunate that the pup will lose some teeth in the procedure, this process will not just improve his smile, but also seriously improve Falcom’s day to day life. This pup will no longer experience the same pain when eating, nor will he be constantly bothered by a wobbly tooth.

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After a long dental session, Falcom was ready to go home, already clearly a happier, less bothered dog. But please remember – dental care is an important part of your dog’s health and  save your pup’s teeth!

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