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Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Candy, a very sweet Husky puppy of only two months old was carried into the clinic after being hit by a car.

As she arrived, in the arms of the father of her human family, the Doctors noticed steady bleeding from an open wound on one of Candy’s hind legs. The Doctors quickly stopped the bleeding, and checked Candy over for any other signs of damage. The bleeding leg was broken, but otherwise, Candy did not sustain any substantial injuries.


The pup was kept under close observation for the next while to ensure that her condition remained stable. After the Doctors were confident that she would not slip into shock, they began her operation.

Unfortunately, the damage to Candy’s leg was so excessive she would need an amputation. After discussion with the family, Dr. Daphne conducted the surgery, with the support of volunteers Agatha and Lauren on anesthetics. The surgery went smoothly, and that afternoon, the father returned to visit Candy.

The father mentioned that the family were worried and upset for Candy that she would now have to learn to live with just three legs. The Doctors explained to the father how a dog is able to live a normal and happy life on three legs, and gave him a copy of A Piggy’s Tale to take home and show his children (A Piggy’s Tale is a Humane Education comic used in DAD’s Human Education curriculum, based on a true story about a dog who loses his leg – but becomes a superhero. For more information, click here). The volunteers decided that someone else could benefit from hearing the story of Piggy… and read the comic to the recovering Candy.

Candy stayed in the clinic for the night to be closely monitored. She continued improving through the night, and was doing very well by the next morning. The Doctors decided that she was healthy enough to go home and return to her family.


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