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A Tribute to Piggy

As you have all, no doubt now heard, our hero and best friend to all; the wonderful Piggy, succumbed to cancer at the end of May. 

We promise to make sure that Piggy’s spirit, indelible ability to inspire and bring a smile on everyone’s face will live on.

This is just a small tribute to him…











All the team at Darwin Animal Doctors send our love, support and sympathies to Tod, Piggy’s family and friends, and all those who continue to love Piggy. We’re sure you’ll join us in this, and in keeping Piggy’s amazing work going.



-Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors


  1. Colleen

    Darling Piggy will forever be remembered as a furry beacon of light and joy to so many. I never met him face to face, but I loved him just the same. The world is not the same without him.

  2. Mrs.DiTomaso

    I was lucky enough to meet Piggy at Boston Comicon a few years back. I’ll never forget Tod’s bright welcoming smile to come sit next to Piggy and then Piggy’s kind and gentle presence which just made everything OK. I then began to follow Piggy’s journey and all the great work that Darwin Animal Doctors is doing. While Piggy may no longer be amoung us physically, all of those he touched now carry a piece of his spirit and strength with us. May we all continue to strive to do good and make a difference in this world and to reach out to those in need. You will never be forgotten Piggy!

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