Darwin Animal Doctors


A family of cats

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Recently, the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic welcomed volunteer Andreina. Andreina is a veterinary student from Ecuador, with family living on the Galapagos Islands. Love and care for animals seemed to run in Andreina’s family, with one uncle having approximately 15 cats that he had accumulated through caring for strays over the years. The gentleman wanted the cats to be sterilized, but as he lived in the highlands and had not handled the cats too much, they were difficult to catch and transport to the clinic.

The team contacted the government agency in charge of protection of biosecurity (ABG) for their help. The ABG team kindly organized and set traps to catch the cats, and brought them into the clinic one-by-one as they were caught. The Darwin Animal Doctors then sterilized each of the cats, and then ABG would return them to the owner. As the gentleman had requested that some of the cats be rehomed if possible, a few of the cats then went to the Kemahe group, who went on to find them loving family homes.


After a few days, the teams had managed to catch every cat and sterilize them. A big thank you to ABG and Kemahe for such invaluable support in this effort!

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