Our United Nations Work

Our Shared Responsibility to Create a Compassionate Future Worldwide

Members of a Global Community of the Marginalized

To find local stakeholders worldwide, to forge meaningful connections with them, and to work together towards a sustainable future for all vulnerable communities and species, we work within the United Nations to focus on marginalized groups.

Most recently, we have finished helping draft the latest Accessibility Guide for Visitors to the United Nations Headquarters to foster accessibility for UN events in 2019. We are proud to say that for the first time, this guide now includes a passage we drafted on allowing service animals to the United Nations.

Beyond UN events, we work with our partner groups to give equal voice to everyone where we work.

We are a member of the United Nations Stakeholder Group for Persons with Disabilities with leadership by The International Disability Alliance, and a member of the Animal Issues Themed Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group.

As a member of the Stakeholder Group for Persons with Disabilities, we work to lead by example. DAD itself was co-founded by a Person with Disabilities and his service dog, to implement humane education and help children with special needs.

By working within the UN, we are able to connect quickly with relevant partners who have experience with and information concerning marginalized communities, so we can effectively build programs together for all who live in precious ecosystems.