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Pups in Brazil

We’ve looked here: http://darwinanimaldoctors.org/brazil-protectors-without-borders/ at the amazing work, taking in strays that the dedicated group at Protectors Without Borders do. Paula, the creator, has been caring for the strays in her community for 25 years!

During normal times, the number of animals needing either temporary or permanent rehoming can be up to 150 a month but that number has increased significantly due to Covid- families are abandoning their pets during the pandemic.

Protectors Without Borders are doing everything they can to accommodate all these poor abandoned pets: providing food, veterinary care, vaccinations and homes for as many as possible.

And, here at DAD, we want to do everything we can to help, so we are funding the next month of rescues. We hope to do as much as possible to help our friends and partners in Brazil and their lovely animal companions, and we hope to have stories to share with you all!

If you would like to contribute, please follow the link below to our paypal.


Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors


In loving memory of our hero, Piggy and his sister Greta who recently passed:

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