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A Week in Brazil

We’ve spent the last week looking at the work of our Brazilian partners, Protectors Without Borders (https://www.facebook.com/protetoresemfronteiras/) have been doing. It’s an incredibly busy time for them, with Covid leading to more abandoned pets, and increased numbers of pups to save on the streets each day.

Their aim is to reduce the amount of strays on the streets; giving the rescued dogs the medical care they need, and new and loving homes. Additionally, they continue to campaign for increased humane and animal rights within their country.

Whilst many of their rescues, like these two adorable puppies, are quickly adopted, this week has seen 3 cases we’ll continue to watch.

This first dog has undergone an amazing transformation since being rescued by our partners. Thanks to a local donor, he has been groomed and is looking much better. He has been carefully nursed and is now able to undergo surgery to remove his tumour!!!

This second street dog was brought to our partners after a passer by took pity on her. She had been hit by a vehicle, and severely injured.

Protectors Without Borders runs as a group of dedicated individuals, each contributing what they can to the collective group; resources, experience, medication. In the case of this poor, injured dog, each of the group has contributed to her care, and, with some additional donations, she has been able to have surgery for her injuries.

While it was touch and go for a while, her condition has stabilized, she is eating well now and is on the way to recovery.

The third case this week is the saddest of the three. This dog has suffered abuse at the hands of a human, something our friends, even this week are campaigning against. Her condition remains serious, but she has been adopted by a loving family whilst continuing to receive veterinary care.

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to start the year with a campaign to help these rescues. Necessary medical care, food and some creature comforts are just some of the supplies funded.

Protectors Without Borders continues to campaign, even now, for more stringent laws on animal rights, and we hope to be able to share some of their progress soon. 


-Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors

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